Cannot join room because Photon thinks the user is already there

I am experience a bizarre problem where there is a random chance that after voluntarily disconnecting from a room I will be unable to rejoin. Photon will return the code 32750 saying that I am already connected.

I can restart my whole machine and as long as that room stays open with someone else in it, it will think that I am already connected and refuse to let me in. Is there are way to erase or clear myself from the list of connected peers to let me in again?


  • Disconnect from Photon room
  • Attempt to Rejoin
  • Get error code 32750
  • Restart app/hardware/everything no change
  • If everyone vacates the room and is destroyed then the blocked user will be able to rejoin

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • I am facing the same problem here!

    @photon !!

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    Situations where this might happen:

    • There is another actor inside of the room which has the same User ID as you
    • PlayerTTL is higher than 0 and peers which leave will become inactive, thus the actor remains
    • The connection is abruptly dropped and actor remains while the server begins to enforce a time-out

    Also there are multiple ways of re-joining a room, some of them are more outdated than others so make sure you are using the recent ones. I believe Shvez said something about ActorNumber being usable for re-joining but this is an older system.