Special use case

Hello devs .

I'm new to online game services development .

I've an idea of a shooter game with special a twist .. fps + portal

basically I've prototype working and online fps sample using photonengine with unity .

however , the game should basically duplicate the player/s into other portal , which cause duplicate view ID error .

is there any wok around ? as idk how exactly the component work I'm assuming every player should have unique ID at time , but is it possible to copy the player without causing paradox in the network ? [at runetime] maybe initializing the component to other new object after instantiate it temporary or create sperate player agent before the game start and switch between them but that would cause traffic + networking limitation and complicated messaging -notification system ..

if you have any idea please inform me :) , thanks !


  • First off: PUN 2 is not the latest and greatest for shooters or games that involve physics and such. Fusion is. Use PUN for the prototype but in the short term, you may want to change to Fusion.

    I don't know if I follow on why you duplicate the player but I guess .. that's just gameplay. You could instantiate another copy of the player characters where needed, or if gameplay permits, you don't need another networked object, If you can sync all needed data through the "original", you could possibly just show the other copies where they are (without them being networked on their own).