Load balancing Create Game operation doesn't work

edited October 2012 in Flash (deprecated)
Hi all,

I got a problem with Flash SDK's load balancing demo as well as my game where I send the OP_CREATE_GAME command to the server, it returns with -3 unknown code error. This happen to both the demo and my game which is also based on the demo source codes. Did anyone encounter the same problem?


  • You can safely ignore this error, cause it means only: You failed to leave a lobby, cause you're not in one.
    The demo seems to be a bit buggy. We're looking into this but it's not highest on the prio list (sorry).

    Let me know if you're able to modify the code to ignore this error case or if we need to support you with a demo.
  • If I ignore this error, the demo and subsequently, my game runs fine. Thanks :)