Mac Photon Multiplayer Connection Issue

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Hi all,

We are trying to publish our application in Mac appstore. So, we created the store package and validated using xcode.

After submit to the appstore via transporter and testing that build using testflight, all testing result is fine when we testing in our devices.

But When we submit for app review, Appstore review team tested our app and rejected for photon disconnection issue.

Please check the below details and log error we got while disconnection.

Version Details :


Unity Version : 2019.4.36f1

Xcode Version : 13.0

PhotonVoice Version : 2.31

Error Logs :


"Log: New Realtime State: Disconnecting. Old state: ConnectingToNameServer

Log: New Realtime State: Disconnected. Old state: Disconnecting

Log: Disconnected Cause : DisconnectByClientLogic"

Please help us to fix above issue and publish our app in mac store.


  • Tobias

    I think I replied to this topic in the Unity Forum, right? Please check the reply.