Photon Voice log spam on Unity Mac app

We've got a successfully working app incorporating Photon Voice on Android and Windows, built in Unity. Now we've done a mac build, but we are getting severe performance problems which appear to arise from Photon Voice writing massive amounts of data into the Unity log.

We see thousands of lines in the log like this:

[PV] [AudioIn] Freeing bufferList

[PV] [AudioIn] Allocating bufferList 4 X 706

How can we suppress this logging?


  • Note that setting the loglevel on the Recorder component did NOT help. (recorder.LogLevel = DebugLevel.ERROR;)

  • Mac native audio capture library has a bug that will be fixed in the next release of the package.

    For now, you can try to replace faulty lib in your project with the fixed one:

    Or just switch to Unity microphone type for Mac builds to disable native library.