There is a way to join the unreal game by browser?

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I did it on Unity, but i'm trying now with UE5 and i'm failing. Seems that the link is always broken, even if everything seems right on UE5. I wanna join from browser, by a link. If anyone can send me a docs about it I would be grateful.


  • Hi @VJLU.

    When developing for Webbrowsers with UE, you need to use UE 4.23. Newer versions of Unreal Engine (including UE 5) do NOT officially support web browsers and the unofficial community support for does not seem to be working properly (at least several Photon users informed me that they tried it, but had to switch back to UE 4.23, because they ran into critical issues with the community support for WebGL in newer versions - I don't know any details about those issues, but was told that they were unrelated to Photon).

    Also you need to either use version or older (not recommended) or version or newer of the Photon Emscripten Client SDK.

    Versions that are newer than, but older than do not provide binaries that are compatible to the Emscripten version that UE 4.23 uses, so they won't work correctly with UE in webbrowsers.