Photon Voice on Mac turns down all other audio

Hi there, does anyone know why Photon voice turns down all other audio on macs? ie: when voice connects in my game, audio playing in other apps on my mac is turned down very low. This happens on builds and in the editor, so for example when you press play in editor and connect to photon voice my spotify or youtube becomes very quiet until I quit Unity (or my game). I'm using PUN 2 and Voice 2 with Unity 2021 (although this happens with other unity versions too).


  • Hi just checking if anyone knows how to fix this?

  • This is probably because you are using Photon microphone type which enables voip audio processing. In this mode, OS ducks all other sounds automatically.

    Switch to Unity microphone type.

  • Thanks @vadim I will switch to Unity mic type, but that still doesn't explain why the original audio is not restored once I switch to the unity mic type. If the Photon mic type was ever selected, the audio stays ducked until you quit the app or quit the unity editor. Even if you stop play mode in unity the audio does not return, it's permanently ducked until you quit Unity. That can't possibly be the intended behaviour, can it?

  • There is a bug in Photon Voice Mac audio capture module. The audio session is not cleared properly after capture is complete. It will be fixed in the next package release.

    For immediate fix, try to update this file in your project:

  • Ok cool thank you!