Why can i only hear one person in the room?

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I need a proper guide on setting up photon voice for my social game. i am not using any player characters so i wont be instantiating other players.

Why can i only hear one player in the room of out 4 ?

what is the proper setup for Photon Voice?

Do i need to instantiate a speaker prefab locally for each player to be able to hear everyone?


  • Hello Timikodes,

    please refer to DemoVoiceMinimal included in the Photon Voice Package, that is the most simple setup, that can be used for Photon Voice. Does not use any player characters.

    But to answer your question short, yes, a speaker has to be instatiated locally for each player/user connected (each user has own speaker locally). But you do not need to create a speaker prefab, default SimpleSpeakerFactory() of VoiceConnection can be used.

  • how do i use the simpleSpeakerFactory()?

  • You don't have to, if you don't setup Speaker prefab into VoiceConnection, the SimpleSpeakerFactory is used to create a speaker instance. Please refer to the DemoVoiceMinimal as mentioned. Basically all you need is a VoiceConnection and a Recorder, and then the VoiceConnection handles everything out (after you make it to connect).

  • VoiceConnection? what i use is Photon Voice Network

  • PhotonVoiceNetwork is intended to be used when you use PUN to transfer game data. If you do, please refer to DemoVoicePUN.

    PhotonVoiceNetwork has its own SimpleSpeakerFactory, but that works different - tries to search for PhotonVoiceView associated with PUN's ViewID for each player/user. So it is intended to be used, where there are player avatars/characters. So you'd need to have a prefab, that would be instantiated with each player/user and contains PhotonVoiceView and a Speaker (with AudioSource).