Syncing transform position is not always right

Hello! I am having fun scripting a "Pong-Like" game. I have of course two pad, one on top and the other one on the bottom.

To control pads I am using THE SAME TWO BUTTONS on the screen but "on click" i check wich one is "MasterClient" so I can call the right method.

Both pad animation are: rb.velocity = new Vector2(dir * speed, rb.velocity.y);

Bonduaries are set like this:

if (transform.position.x <= -2f) { transform.position = new Vector2(-2f, transform.position.y); }

 if (transform.position.x >= 2f) { transform.position = new Vector2(2f, transform.position.y); }

Now it often happens that ... while on my screen, my pad is all to the left (limit), on the other screen my pad is stuck in the middle.

In my screen pad has reched its limit and stopped but on the other screen pad stopped in the middle (anyway NOT on the left limit).

Can you please suggest me something to solve this?