Photon Server Address mismatch


I have problem use Photon Unity Network 2(PUN2).

Photon Server Address of PC and laptop is different.

I did setting in Photon Server Settings of AppId PUN, AppId Chat, AppId Voice, Dev Region(kr).

Both of PC and Laptop connect same ethernet, same application file not editor.

use Photon Cloud, PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings()

It was accessed using PUN2 for six months.

Suddenly Photon Server Address can't match PC and Labtop, when 2022-06-15(y.m.d) 

I can find similar issue.

I try print debug log

  1. PhotonNetwork.AppVersion
  2. PhotonNetwork.PhotonServerSettings.AppIdRealtime
  3. PhotonNetwork.PhotonServerSettings.AppIdChat
  4. PhotonNetwork.PhotonServerSettings.AppIdVoice
  5. PhotonNetwork.PhotonServerSettings.DevRegion
  6. PhotonNetwork.ServerAddress

same on PC and LabTop 1~5, but not same 6.

Photon Server Address in PC was kr, but in Labtop was ru

What can i do something to do?

Please answer to me.