What should I do?

I recently submitted my app for the App Store but they said that it remained in the connected indefinitely on macOS 12.4.


Should I change this line?


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    If you're using UDP protocol, you'll most likely have to swap to TCP for getting through their review process. You should also make sure your nodes are Ipv6 capable if you are self-hosted. I don't believe you need full Ipv6 support but I could be wrong. Sending hostname and letting dnsnat64 do its translation should be enough. @Tobias maybe you know more about this?

  • Being connected is a pro for a multiplayer app. 😅

    Let us know what they expected, which PUN version you use, which protocol and which Unity version.

    PUN 2 should time out when running in background. The value PhotonHandler.KeepAliveInBackground is of interest. Maybe it needs to be lowered.