Issue with local physics simulation


Hello! I faced with issue linked with local physics simulation.

I have physical sphere in the scene, which jumps on one place. It doesn't have any network components. I create NetworkRunner, when game starts. In NetworkProjectConfig property Server Physics Mode has value Client Prediction. I run one instance of game on my phone and another instance of game in Unity Editor.

I expected, due to ball is local object, ball will behave like ordinary rigidbody on both client and host. Actually, on host it behaves this way, but on client it moves very fast and jerkily.

If I switch Server Physics Mode to ServerOnly, I get expected behavior, described earlier.

I would like to know:

  • Why local objects depend on network settings?
  • Is there a way to preserve Client Prediction Server Physics Mode, and get ordinary behavior for local physical objects?


Unity Editor: 2022.1.3f1

Scripting Backend: IL2CPP

Fusion: 1.0.0