Fusion missing assembly definitions

Fusion ships with a number of scripts, only some of which are covered by assembly definition files. The ones that aren't therefore get added to the default Assembly-CSharp assembly. Since my scripts are in assemblies, they can't reference the Fusion scripts.

I've tried to set up assembly definitions for the Fusion scripts, but it's proving challenging to figure out the right references. It would be nice if Fusion shipped with assembly definitions for all scripts, but for now I'd love to get some help setting up custom definitions myself.

Has anyone successfully done this and can share their assembly definition files?


  • Bump. Still looking for a solution for this

  • Same here. It's crazy that this is a paid solution that does not support this. There are scripts in the main fusion folder which depend on editor scripts and use #if UNITYEDITOR so you cannot put them in a non editor assembly (i.e they will be excluded from the build). You have to modify the entire structure of the fusion folder and maybe even some code to get it working with assembly definitions (which is a standard for actual unity developers).

    Please, restructure the Photon/Fusion folder and separate everything into it's own assembly. You should never, never, ever, be polluting the main assembly with third party code.