Can I use Photon Bolt for only data transportation?

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I know my discussion title is little bit silly, but i confused.

Let me explain.

I'm creating a brawler game with Unity. So my ping tolarence is almost zero. According to my architecture, I am creating a deterministic simulation to handle situation.

I looked at the quantum, it would perfectly fit for my game. But my budget is limited. That's why I decided to use a data transportation layer for only input data transportation. As exactly you did for quantum.

My connections must be p2p so that layer could make upnp or nat punch through (some kind of port forwarding) and also if one of the players is not available for open port or forward, layer could make a relay or etc.. IDK.

Can Photon Bolt do that for me? Is Photon Bolt deprecated? Because when i visit the Photon Bolt page, I saw that sentence: ''While your existing PUN & Bolt projects will continue to run, Fusion's features and performance set the new benchmark for state-sync multiplayer engines.Time to switch to Fusion''?

Should I use Photon Bolt? or Photon Realtime can do that for me?

Simply i need only a data transportation layer that can do port forward and other bunch of configurations...