Host migration demo problem



I'm trying out the host migration demo (from and have encountered a problem:

I have a server running and a client has connected, both can play around with the spheres, then the client disconnect and the server tries to remove that player in OnPlayerLeft callback but it fails to do so because


gets a null reference exception. The input to that function looks ok (player is not null at least).

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Fusion.Simulation.PlayerActive (Fusion.PlayerRef player) (at <943838d5bd2c46b79ddc337935056837>:0)

Fusion.Simulation.PlayerConnectionToken (Fusion.PlayerRef player) (at <943838d5bd2c46b79ddc337935056837>:0)

Fusion.NetworkRunner.GetPlayerConnectionToken (Fusion.PlayerRef player) (at <943838d5bd2c46b79ddc337935056837>:0)

Fusion.Samples.HostMigration.GameController.GetPlayerToken (Fusion.NetworkRunner runner, Fusion.PlayerRef player) (at Assets/HostMigration_Sample/Scripts/GameController.cs:289)

Anyone got any ideas?

The demo does not look quite like the one on youtube:

But I guess its pretty much the same except the playing area is a circular shape instead of a box and some UI differences.