[Unreal Engine 4] No game room joined, Demo Project.

Hi, I have downloaded photon ue4 demo project, and managed to build it with windows SDK, now after build I tried to run the project after giving AppID input in PhotonLBClient.

now it's stuck at connecting, there isn't any response after "connecting..." msg.

and after i try to click any other button "no game room joined" error is showing up.

Now I'm unable to figure out what to do to make it work.


  • Hi @ShawKlipVr.

    Please make sure that your firewall and router are permitting outgoing UDP traffic on ports 5055, 5056 and 5058 and outgoing TCP traffic on port 19093.

    You can check if it helps to set the value of 'tryUseDatagramEncryption' in the ConnectOptions that are passed to Client::connect() to 'false'. Doing so will remove the need for TCP traffic on port 19093.

    You can also try if it help if you pass true for the 'useAlternativePorts' parameter in the constructor of class Client.

    In that case the client will use ports 27000, 27001 and 27002 instead of ports 5055, 5056 and 5058 for UDP traffic.

    Another option that you can try is passing 'TCP' or 'WSS' for parameter 'connectionProtocol'. In that case you need to make sure that your firewall and router permit outgoing TCP traffic on ports 4530, 5431 and 4533 (for TCP) or 19090, 19091 and 19093 (for WSS).

    Also it's worth checking if the demos that are located inside the 'Demos' folder of the Windows Client SDK can connect, to clarify if the connection problem is somehow specific to the Unreal demo.