Photon server not triggering web hooks in Construct3

I have built a multiplayer game using Construct3 and photon server, and I'm using the Photon Webhooks to send the user data to my own server.

In some cases, the webhooks are not triggered.

In my understanding, the webhooks are triggered by the master actor who creates the room.

Even though it's not triggered sometimes and we can't figure out which part is that.

But as per the documents, this code is supposed to be working.

Please take a look at this issue and let us know what's the solution.

Thank you.


  • hi, @Praveen

    Not sure how I can help you looking on screen shot of your internal folders structure.

    what we need is

    • logs from deploy/log folder. (remove logs, reproduce issue, zip and send us logs)
    • Plugin.config to see how did you setup plugin



  • Hi @chvetsov

    Thank you for the response.

    For the logs, we don't have any logs file but we got website logs.


    When the user leaves the room we are sending a custom room property to the photon. In this case, the hooks are only sent in some cases.

    In the Construct3 project, it's configured to send room property to photon when the user left the room but it is not received in some cases.


    As you can see in the logs, the error message has been thrown by Photon.

    Hope this is helpful.

    let us know if we need to provide extra information.

    Thank you.

  • @vadim could you take a look please