Why does a Dedicated Server return +1 values for num players/max players?

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When I get the session info from a dedicated server it returns values of + 1. For instance, if I create a dedicated server session with max players 20...

    var result = await runner.StartGame(new StartGameArgs()
      GameMode = GameMode.Server,
      SessionName = "MyServer",
      PlayerCount = 20,
      Scene = SceneManager.GetSceneByName(sceneToLoad).buildIndex,
      SceneObjectProvider = gameObject.AddComponent<NetworkSceneManagerDefault>()

...when my client retrieves the session list before joining it shows max players as 21 with 1 player already joined even though no players have joined yet.

    public void OnSessionListUpdated(NetworkRunner runner, List<SessionInfo> sessionList) 

      foreach(SessionInfo info in sessionList)
        Debug.Log($"Server = {info.Name}, NumPlayers = {info.PlayerCount}, MaxPlayers = {info.MaxPlayers}");

Output is: Server = MyServer, NumPlayers = 1, MaxPlayers = 21

Am I missing a setting or is this standard behaviour?