Need expertise. How to implement multiplayer correctly for my game using PhotonEngine? (SpaceBox)

Hello everyone,

I am finishing my PvP arena game (2-4 players), where you build spaceship from Blocks and then duel in the arena with some other player.

We have already implemented PUN into our game, and what is left is to synchronize Taken Damage for Blocks. As I understand for Damage Sync we should Sync projectiles.

I have read some documentation with suggestions and forums, but our team in new to multiplayer, and we really need to hear experienced advice for our case. (I have already hired 3 different developers to finish it, but all of them were unsuccessful).

The main problems are next:

1) At the same time we can have a lot of Bullet type projectiles. Should I use RPC mechanism with time modification to sync them?

2) Also we have slow projectiles, like Rockets, and some of them are auto navigating. There won't be too many of them at the same time. Should I use Photon View to sync them?

3) What is the best mechanism to sync damage of blocks of the ship?

4) And one extra (maybe stupid) question. Why can't I just try to sync control input of Enemy Player with my Player using photon? As I understand theoretically itwill lead to a small delay and, as a result, gameplay will have lag and different results for both players.

Please, help me to choose the best strategy to finish my Multiplayer!

I am attaching some Screenshots, so you can get better idea on what we are working on.