Handling DisconnectCause.None


I have a disconnect handler that attempts reconnection. It does this for the cases of DisconnectCause.ClientTimeout & DisconnectCause.ServerTimeout currently and everything works fine.

On the occasion that DisconnectCause.None, LeftRoomCleanUp() is not being called and therefore neither is LocalCleanupAnythingInstantiated() meaning the instantiated objects are not being deleted. I force this call myself upon disconnect and it seems to work.

My problem is that the player doesn't seem to have been removed from the room upon disconnection. How can I force this? How can I make sure I properly leave the room when I disconnect?

This is the error I get:

(Code 32746): Join failed: UserId 'xxx' already joined the specified game (JoinMode=0)..

I am currently on Pun 2.16 Photon lib: Has this been dealt with in a newer Photon version?


  • Not related: I would recommend an update to the latest PUN 2.

    I think you already did this:

    You need to set a PlayerTTL when creating rooms. Then, players who time out, will just become inactive first and are only removed from the room after that delay. A EmptyRoomTTL keeps the room around when nobody is active anymore.


    You need to ReJoin a room as long as the client is still in the room. This avoids the error you get now. ReconnectAndRejoin is the best and fastest approach.