Can Photon add video tutorials like how Unity did?

I be seeing a lot of people with unanswered questions and I just feel like things could be done a bit differently to get these developers the help they need.

Maybe even community members that know what they're doing can submit video tutorials verified by Photon Admins and Staff


  • Tobias
    Tobias admin

    We are doing more videos and live sessions about Quantum and Fusion by now. All of those are announced in the Discord community. The chat channels also have more community interaction in terms of helping one another (not always guaranteed but there is some discussion going on sometimes).

    The team is also quite old school in some ways. Written manuals that can be searched and extended easily are more how we roll. There are plenty of demos in the docs, too.

    We are looking into getting more content done but to match Unity in terms of output, I guess we have to find enough people for a whole new team :)

    I would say everyone with a YT (or other) channel may open a thread and advertise and discuss their content here.

    So: Yes, we agree but can't get everything done at the same time. Sadly.