Invalid Type for Auth Data when doing Custom Authentication on Quantum?



Im trying out Quantum for the company im working for, and im having the following issue:

When trying to connect to the server, the server is returning the client the following response:

OperationResponse 230: ReturnCode: -2 (Invalid type for auth data). Parameters: {} Server: MasterServer Address: x.x.x.x:4530

We are trying out Custom Authentication on our own server instance.

The URL aiming for is working and returning Photon expected response, in fact we tried it in Realtime server and we are correctly authenticating.

In Quantum we didn't find NameServer.xml.config so we copied the one from the Realtime server. We also modified the Photon.NameServer.dll.config which seemed to contain the same configuration.

We are following the documentation from this link:

Any help is appreciated, thank you :)


  • TheoTime

    Hi Maxi,

    Please ask you question on the Circle Discord or via email. We do not provide Quantum support on the forum.