Is Bolt more suitable for my local server project?


I am working on a local server project for VR training. There will be a local server/host app that is on PC, which the students can connect their Android apps to, and the tutors can command each Android devices connected to show whatever VR courses they want, and monitor their progresses by data sent back from their Android apps, all on the PC app. Both apps are working in a LAN that may or may not have Internet access. The original two apps were made using UNET but UNET was super-unstable (The apps usually disconnected with no reason). I would like to ask if Bolt is the best choice for that since I saw PUN may need Internet access even for LAN? How is Bolt or PUN different from UNET? Also, I would like to ask if the CCU limit is also applied to LAN?


  • Tobias

    Bolt Pro is currently the only package we offer with local network support.

    VR Training sounds like it's not really a game. That means, you should get in touch about joining Photon Industries to sort out the licensing. I can't answer this anyways, so a mail would be welcome: