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I manage to install certificate for my server. I connect to server using WS is okay, but when I switch to WSS, this thing happen

Here is the server log, the client connected but get disconnected

2022-04-20 03:22:40,290 [27] DEBUG Photon.LoadBalancing.MasterServer.MasterApplication - Received init request from game client on leader node

2022-04-20 03:22:40,290 [27] DEBUG Photon.LoadBalancing.MasterServer.MasterClientPeer - Auth Timeout Checker scheduled. authTimeout:20000 p:T:MasterClientPeer,ConnId:4,ip:,SecureWebSocket,GpBinaryV18

2022-04-20 03:22:40,493 [21] WARN Photon.SocketServer.PeerBase - Deserialization error: Failed to parse Operation using protocol GpBinaryV18 / encrypted: True. errorCode=-12, errorMsg: 'Failed to read value for key:'5', errorMsg:'Invalid length of custom type: length=91, bytes in buffer=11''. Data:{"vals":[],"req":141}, op/ev/resp code=141. Data: F3-82-8D-2C-05-81-5B-53-B6-AD-4E-50-02-F5-5C-33-1F-45; peer=T:MasterClientPeer,ConnId:4,ip:,SecureWebSocket,GpBinaryV18

2022-04-20 03:22:40,586 [22] DEBUG Photon.LoadBalancing.MasterServer.MasterClientPeer - Disconnect: peer=T:MasterClientPeer,ConnId:4,ip:,SecureWebSocket,GpBinaryV18, UserId:: reason=0, detail=

2022-04-20 03:22:40,602 [22] DEBUG Photon.LoadBalancing.MasterServer.MasterClientPeer - Auth Timeout Checker stopped. authTimeout:20000 p:T:MasterClientPeer,ConnId:4,ip:,SecureWebSocket,GpBinaryV18

2022-04-20 03:22:45,602 [21] DEBUG Photon.LoadBalancing.MasterServer.ApplicationStats - Publishing application stats. MasterPeerCount=0, PlayerCount=0, GameCount=0

What is this problem, how can I solve it



  • chvetsov

    from discord we get that you have resolved this issue



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