Does Voice proximity trigger depends on static colliders around ?

Hello ,

I am using photon voice chat for my current project, everything works fine , but sometimes two users start their conversation and voice gets break in between, some part of conversation is heard and some not.

Does voice proximity trigger depend on the static colliders around the player or player position or rotation because there are points where conversation breaks and rest works fine.

Waiting for response .Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    Proximity detection depends only on colliders with ProximityVoiceTrigger component attached (see ProximityVoiceTrigger.cs, OnTriggerEnter/OnTriggerExit). So non-voice objects should not affect it.

  • Thanks for responding.

    Yes , you are absolutely right, non - voice object objects didn't affect the proximity. I was actually using the key for push to talk , which was responsible for voice lag. After removing key press , it works fine.