Why does countOfRooms only return more than 0 when there is more than 2+ rooms?
So when there is 2 rooms it says there is 1.

Anyway to fix this?

( I'm using photon cloud )


  • Hi ColaCube,

    could you explain in what kind of situation this is happening? To test this, I downloaded the PUN plugin with the 'demo worker' and checked whether the given output for line 67 in MainMenu.cs is correct, and it is!
    This line sais:
    GUILayout.Label(string.Format("Players: {0} Players on Master: {1} Games: {2}", PhotonNetwork.countOfPlayers, PhotonNetwork.countOfPlayersOnMaster, PhotonNetwork.countOfRooms));

    May be you have a lack of calls to OnGui() somewere, somehow?

    Hope I could help already, if not please keep asking..