Multiple regions


Hi all,

I have players around the world: Europe, the USA, China, and Australia.

Region: EU.

Fake hands (used just to repeat oculus hands for other users) moving in FixedUpdate()

Hands with a component PhotonTransformView

Device: Oculus Quest 2.

Photon: v. 2.40.0

During the testing in Europe, my hands move fine, but when we tested the build with the client from Australia it moved with delay. (I suppose ping is so high).

Otherwise, if I change the region to AU, in Europe we will see our hands with delay. So, is there any way how to use one region? Or how to make it more smooth?

I know there were a few topics regarding my question, but I didn't find a solution there (or maybe I didn't find exactly what I need)

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  • Tobias

    Locally, you should always move the hands immediately. PUN 2 does not require server authority, so this just defines a part of the game state. The others will know this after a delay.

    If the players are far away from one another, then yes, there is a delay you can't get rid of. You can hide it by prediction but for VR this is not easy as movements are tricky to predict. We can't really provide a solution that works in PUN 2, sorry.

    You could try one thing: Use the Fusion Dragonhunter VR demo to test your case. Fusion is our new SDK and more modern than PUN 2 and works really well for VR. If this works better, you may want to switch to Fusion in due time.

  • Fidgetik

    Tobias, thanks a lot for your answer.

    Now, I'm trying to send position and rotation viaOnPhotonSerializeView, and then Lerp() it, to make it more beautiful (as far as it is possible).

    Because of the deadline, couldn't try the Fusion right now. But it will be the next step.

    Best regards,