Photon Voice Network Not Worked!

Here is my situation: player A creates one room, player B creates another room, player C connects to player A and then the voice works, but then player C leaves the room, connects to the lobby and connects to player B and there already the voice behaves like this, that player A is heard, but player B is not heard and player B is not heard by player C. What could be the problem?


  • Which version of Photon Voice do you use? If it's not the latest, please update.

    We'd need logs of what the Photon Voice Client does. Please enable and increase logging.

  • We will update photon and try this sycle again, if it's not help i give you to know. Thanks!

  • So we update photon to last version. And nothing change. Still Player C hear Player A whe he join to Player B. We send raise event from Player A to Player C when Player A and C in one room to go connect to Player B.

    Now we try to send you loggs.

  • Don't just try to send those logs. Read them!

    Try to figure out which player is in which room (for Voice connections).

    As you updated, I am sure this is not an big in Voice which causes this. It will be an issue in your code and use case. Due to that, we won't debug this for you. We provide the tools and make sure they work. You have to learn and practice using them.

    Audio can only be sent to users in the same room. You could ID a room by it's room name. Both, Realtime/PUN and Voice have a separate connection needing to be in a specific room. Voice usually creates similarly rooms as Realtime to "shadow" the gameplay room.