Timeout Issues in Javascript SDK

Hi Team, we are currently working on a multiplayer project using Javascript SDK in Playcanvas. The issue we are having is that we are getting the Name Server Error during the initial loading for each user.

Could you let us know the reason for the issue, "NameServer closed connection". It would appear that I have to reload multiple times to remove the issue. Can I redirect it to the second URL for the NameServer or is there a better solution for this issue. Also facing Game Peer Error during some instances,

is there a related parameter for ENET timeout in Javascript SDK or DisconnectTimeout as mentioned for debugging here - https://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/server/current/operations/debugging. We were able to find emptyRoomLiveTime and keepAliveTimeoutMs, which we have set to 50000 and the issue was reduced to an extent could you let us know a better solution

We would really appreciate it if someone can point us in the right direction to solve these issues. Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    Can you reproduce the issue with demos from js sdk package? Please make sure that the only modification is appid set.

    emptyRoomLiveTime does not affect connection to NameServer. Increased keepAliveTimeoutMs will result in disconnects in case the client does not send anything for more than 3 sec. This is not the case for nameserver probably.