UDP support for the flash sdk?


i have a question regarding the flash sdk. I have read somewhere that there is no UDP support, mainly because flash didn't support this protocol in the past. But since action script 3 there is the possibility to use udp natively within the language (see http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatfo ... ocket.html ). So i'm wondering whether the sdk supports it already or will in the near future? I'm evaluating the network engine at the moment for our next project.

Kind regards

Georg Wächter


  • Hi Georg,

    we implement a special reliable UDP protocol based on eNet (http://enet.bespin.org/). This is not implemented in the Flash SDK right now. We use a special binary protocol via TCP based on AMF3.

    We do not plan to offer reliable UDP in Flash short term. We will probably add support in Q1 next year.

  • Flash does not really support UDP Sockets. The document states: "Runtime Versions: AIR 2", so it's only available in standalone.
    Our library does work in AIR (with a minor fix which is not yet publicly released) but a special version for this is not likely.
  • Unity is planning to add "Flash build target support" (make a game in Unity - compile it into .swf).
    http://blogs.unity3d.com/2011/02/27/uni ... n-the-web/

    How do you think, will there be any issues if someone makes a game with Unity+Photon and then decides to build it to Flash?
  • As long as Flash supports TCP only, you won't be able to use our reliable/unreliable UDP protocol.
    Aside from that, I guess that Team Unity will cross compile our library to Flash like to any other of their supported platforms.

    We will test those Flash builds when there's a beta for it.
  • Crosscompile: I doubt it will offer even half of all .NET functionalities as it does on other platforms.
    I would suspect the flash targeting using something on the level of iOS microcorelib ".Net feature availability" (much more limited than webbuilds) so the flash builds that are created are of any use at all due to the otherwise sheer size of code (we talk of 16mb+ normally, which is beyond anything flash will run even half arsed fine. also at those sizes you gain nothing anymore from targeting flash if the startup download is 25mb++)
  • Are there any plans to add UDP support for AIR clients? Given that AIR now runs on Windows, OS X, and compiles to iOS and Android, there is quite a sizeable range of targets that could benefit a lot from having UDP support.
  • Good question. So far, I didn't even notice that AIR has udp support.
    I think it's a question of demand. If we notice that there are some projects in need of a realtime multiplayer engine on AIR, then we would look into it.