chat Manager -> Failed parsing address

Photon Pun as it's own works fine i can connect an all but not the chat.

I have already checked the app ID of the chat, that is okay.

public class PhotonChatManager : MonoBehaviour, IChatClientListener


   ChatClient chatClient;

   public int ID = 10;

   void Start()


       Application.runInBackground = true;

       chatClient = new ChatClient(this);

       AuthenticationValues authValues = new AuthenticationValues(ID.ToString());

       chatClient.Connect(PhotonNetwork.PhotonServerSettings.AppSettings.AppIdChat, PhotonNetwork.AppVersion, authValues);



   public void Update()




   public void DebugReturn(DebugLevel level, string message)





thanks for all who want to help me with this.


  • Check if your server address field contains whitespace. If it's not exactly empty (""), the client may attempt to use the value as address (and fail).

    We could use a callstack of the actual error, if this doesn't help.

  • Thank you, yes I think that was it. So far it works