Construct3 plugin

Hi, I can see that the Javascript SDK is updated to, while the Construct3 plugin is still

Is there any plans to update the plugin to keep track?

Also, is it possible to add the createOptions to the create room action? At the moment it's not possible to set the maxPlayers, isVisible etc etc in the createRooms action, so all the options must be sent in separate events when room is already created. If you want anything else than Default.

Also can you add the new joinRandomOrCreateRoom-action. (with the above mentioned properties included)?

Are you guys still looking into the C3 forum? Just to know if it is worth pinging you there for questions, like we used to ;)


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    Construct3 always has less features than js sdk of the same version. We bump the plugin version as soon as we modify it. I hope we will do so in a week or two.

    Use "Set max players", "Set is visible" etc. actions before calling "Create room" to set these options for the room you are creating.

    We have automatic notifications on new messages in Construct3 forum. Checking now if it still works. Posting in the forum is better if you think that the post may be useful for someone else. If you don't get a reply in a few days, please duplicate it in a support request.

  • Thanks for the clarifications! Any eta?

    I've one additional question, I cannot get the "Set App ID" action to work, it should work the same as "Set Region" (which works fine btw)

  • "Set App ID" does not work because current js api requires loadbalancing client recreation to change appid. I'm looking into on this and joinRandomOrCreateRoom() now.

  • Version with setAppId fix and new joinRandomOrCreateRoom action is available for download.