Disconnect all clients?

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Hello! We are developing a WebPlayer Unity game and we need a way to keep all clients in the same version, e.g. If we upload a new update we wanna disconnect the server for few seconds so they have to reload the browser. We do not want players separated in different versions (I mean we don't wanna keep players separated from other players with "ConnectUsingSettings"). Is there any way to do this?

Thank you!


  • Hi Zido,

    what kind of configuration are you using? This could also be a server-question. If you are running your own server, you could check the connecting clients version and force them to get the new version. But you could also make your clients send their version when connecting to the server (here it doesn't matter, whether they are connecting to the cloud or not). And if a higher version is found, they are forced to load that one first.
    I think you could achieve this via Cached Events: http://doc.exitgames.com/photon-cloud/CachedEvents.

    if you have any further questions, let us kow..

  • Hi Tim, I'm not running my own server, I'm connecting to the Cloud. So I Can't figure out how to do this.
    At first I thought there would be some option in the Application Panel to start and stop the server. But because there is not, I can not know the solution to this problem. Can you give me a small example?

    Imagine we have 10 players connected to the game and we find a critical bug that needs to be fixed immediately, how to disconnect those players so they have to reload the browser and thus inevitably get the new version?

    Thank you!
  • Nothing? I would like to find a solution for this :P
  • The solution is to write a webservice against which your client check the current version they need to be and if they aren't, they disconnect and force reload the page after warning the user.

    You can not disconnect them without hosting your own server as you can not execute any server commands at all unless you host your own master clients only in which case you could issue the master clients to perform the force disconnects