Free License not Working?!-Help

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Hello everyone,
I just became a member of ExitGame Photon but im facing a problem

I downloaded the free license but when i tried to open Photon Control,
it said that i dont have a license (although Photon server is running).
When i closed the app and re-opened, it didnt say anything about

Is that normal or do i have to copy/paste the license in a specific



  • Hello and welcome to the Photon community!

    You can start Photon without a license file - it allows 20 concurrent connections (CCUs) in that case.

    If you downloaded the 100-CCU-license or the 30-day-unlimited-CCU license from our website, you need to put it into the same directory from which you start the Photon Control. For example, on on Windows 7 64 bit, that would be bin_Win64.

    Make sure that there is only one ".license" file in that directory (delete or rename all others), restart Photon and Photon Control and you should be fine. If it does not work, please post the Photon-Default + PhotonCLR log files.
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