Improvements - Karts Multiplayer Demo


I use your new asset "Karts Multiplayer Demo" from the asset store.

First, thank you for this asset 🙂

I found a problem in the network logic and perhaps you could help me or give some tips to resolve this problem :

After all players are ready and the players are moving to the track scene, there are no "waiting phase" to check if all players are in the scene and ready to race (= intro is done and camera behind the kart). Currently if some devices load the scene slowly, the race could be already started for other users.


  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
    edited March 2022

    Thanks for checking out the sample and providing feedback!

    It's likely a good idea to add a wait step for everyone to finish loading.

    We often struggle to define which features go into each sample. Covering "everything" can lead to bloating a demo and distracting from the core of what it should show in the first place. I guess, this is a minor addition.

    We already cover "Wait for everyone finish loading" in the Application Loop Demo.