iOS build settings?


(Searched for this info on the website and also in the forum for a while now, but couldn't find anything, so please point me the right way if I just missed it.)

I'm having some trouble with getting PUN to work on an iPad (5.1).

The same code runs fine with networking(connects, works like a charm, etc...) on Windows builds, but it crashes on the iPad. More precisely it crashes when trying to connect in NetworkingPeer.cs, line 163.

The line is :

bool connecting = base.Connect(serverAddress, appID, nodeId);

The app just stops with an EXC_BAD_ACCESS error.

I'm sure the server settings (IP+port) are correct.

Now, I had networking working a while ago but I can not figure out what's wrong now.
I suspect it's some kind of build setting that I changed, or something like that.

What are recommended/required build settings for PUN to work on iOS?
Any other things that could create this behavior?
I'm connecting to the server through a wireless AP, could that be it?

Any comments appreciated.



  • Hi JKNYC,

    This kind of error often happens due to a null reference exception. Maybe you are trying to use a method or variable from a class before it has been instantiated?

    For the build settins, I'll check back with a colleague...

    Hope that helps

  • The settings in Unity should be ".Net 2.0 Subset" and "ByteCode Stripping". Other settings like XCode version, Processor, etc are more or less up to you.

    Is this problem solved?
    You do have a Unity iPhone Pro License, right?
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