GC.MarkDependencies upon scene loading


Currently testing fusion for a potential transition from PUN. I have 2 addressable scenes and a fixed one that's gonna manage the loading of the other 2. Thing is, each time I load a scene (with LoadSceneAsync), one of the frames takes an awfully long time (3 seconds on a OnePlus 7 Pro, 13 sec for a OnePlus 3T).

It seems that the GC is "Marking Dependencies", and that it takes ages, even though the only addressable assets I have are my (almost empty) two scenes. Any idea where that might come from? Should I somehow create my own NetworkSceneManager and supply it to Fusion? Would that help? And if so, why?

I've asked the question on discord and browsed through the Unity forums in vain, I hope someone here would be able to help me, or at least redirect me to someone that might know what's going on.

Thanks in advance.


  • Would anyone have any idea what might be happening here?

    Or if anybody knows anybody that might have a clue, I'd be grateful if you could maybe redirect me to them.


  • Here is an implementation if anybody would want to look at it:


  • Hi,

    I had the same issue as you on Android, and the latest nightly build 1.1.0 462 seems to fix it.

    You may want to test this new build on your project.