Question about the control concept

Hi !

I'm trying to find a multiplayer solution that would allow me to :

1. divide the space and gameplay into a room-system

2. in each room players can manipulate (move, rotate, scale) objects

3. to join a room a player must have the relevant permissions to do so

4. to manipulate an object a player must have the relevant permissions to do so

The permissions would be stored in a remote DB (I plan to use Playfab services).

Photon BOLT seems to provide enough functionalities to develop 1 and 2, and for 3 I see that the host can refuse room access to whoever he wants (

My question : would the 4 be possible using BOLT ? Since the doc uses the term "Authoritative Movement" I wonder if BOLT provides authoritative functionalities only to some specific features and not to every requests.

Thanks in advance 😀


  • Hi @txomin ,

    If you are just starting a new project, we highly recommend using Photon Fusion instead of Bolt, as Bolt is now legacy and will not receive any further updates or features.

    Fusion came to replace both Bolt and PUN into one advanced solution for State Transfer, it has basically the same concepts from Bolt and much more. Take a look here for more info:



    About Bolt:

    Yes, I imagine that all requirements can be done with Bolt without any issues.

    1. Each Room would be a Game Server that a player can join and leave;
    2. Usual gameplay;
    3. Yes, you can either send a Connection Token to the Game Server or use User Authentication, for example.
    4. This can be done using the Command System, in which each player requests control over an Entity, sends command inputs to the Server, and they are replicated over the network.

    "Authoritative Movement" means that a player can predict locally, send its command inputs the to server, and the Server can decide if they are valid or not, synchronizing back to all client only valid "movements".


    Ramon Melo

    Photon Bolt/Fusion Team

  • Ok thank you @ramonmelo 😀!