Custom Authentication AuthPostData Dictionary


I recently move from cloud to standalone server(photon-server-plugin-sdk_v5-0-12-24499-rc1).

I cannot find the correct setting for the standalone server to take AuthPostData as Dictionary anymore, and it gives 32755.

It seems okay to use the string/ byte[] method

authValue.AddAuthParameter("type", "token");
authValue.AddAuthParameter("format", "photon");
authValue.AddAuthParameter("data", SecretData);

But is it still possible to do the Dictionary<string,object> - POST (Content-Type="application/json") way ?



  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @ThomasKao_XRSpace,

    I think sending Dictionary as POST payload data in custom authentication is not supported in server version

    You can use string or byte[] or wait until final version of v5 SDK is released (soon no ETA).

  • hi, @ThomasKao_XRSpace

    what string message you get?



  • It gave ReturnCode: 32755 (Failed to parse token from request) because the CustomAuth server only took post-Json as body.

    I end up point my connectionConfig to nameServer:5058 and it works with Post-JSON again.