Photon engine how is it so hard to learn?

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Photon engine how is it so hard to learn?

I just want the TCG card game for with Photon develop a server-side, have been such a source online to download, but I want to use the Photon should be able to do better.

I did not expect the period of time, always there is no entry-Lite is a demo
But I hope this demo is a basic full game service side.
Rather than as they are now,

I would like to implement a messaging system, the results can not find the direction:
Can not get this application ActorCollection
Can not get this application RoomCollection
The basic the Authenticate do not know is to set in that part of
In a HandleAuthenticateOperation in LoadBalancing,
This method is the example of a user authentication?
Can log on as a player after the success to create room operation permission to judge?
In Lite Example
The possibility of increasing the "world"? Better than LiteLobby, contains all of the players.
Can we have more "sub-room"? Is in the room being re-created rooms.

I hope I create a project based on the Lite, but is not based on the SDK,
SDK lack of multilingual documents, and rich examples.

I really do not want to give up such a good engine, I hope you can help me.
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