Photon Issues On Multiple Computers

Hi All,

I am using the Photon 2 package to create a multiplayer car game.

My issue is that I am able to control cars on one laptop but not on a computer.

When I was running two instances on my laptop earlier, I was able to see both of them syncing each others movements.

On the computer, I can see its car and the laptop's car, but only the laptop's car was able to move using controls.

In a nutshell, the computer only syncs the laptop's car but cannot move its own.

Both systems run on windows and I am able to share code if anyone wishes.




  • hi, @Lashen

    What version of Photon SDK are you using? if that is Photon 2 than I have to admit that I can not help you. I never saw it and we do not support even photon 3.

    what version of client lib?



  • Thanks @chvetsov,

    I'm using Photon 2 thanks, what do you propose I do or use?



  • I can propose to update to Photon 5.

    Of course difference is huge. But I hope you will be able to start it. What was before Lite now is Hive. So, you can use HiveApplication and HivePeer and HiveHostGame. This is to get it working quickly.

    I do not know if you are using MasterServer in your case. I do not remember whether it existed at that time or not. But if you are, than use LoadBalancing project as it is. Main difference is that we introduce another server - NameServer that does authentication.

    well, a lot of work for you of course

    in regard of your version, I assume that some issue is with your client. to understand this add logging. so that you see what was sent and what was received



  • Thanks Ilya,

    The problem was that I was sending the .exe through a corrupted USB which was turning the .exe into 5kb size.

    Turning to a different usb fixed the issue!

    Kind Regards