Voice chat in Unity, but how??

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I'm trieing for days to make use of the photon voice chat app. However, it's not working so far. The setup should be ok(?) I made an App and connected with the PUN Wizard. I have the App Id for PUN and the App ID for Voice connected, Checked "User Name Server", "Port 0", "Protocol: UPD", "Protocol Fallback", "Run in Background". Pretty much the default settings with my App Id. Is there more I have to setup?

My player setup is identical to the "Prefab Setup (PhotonVoiceView)" here:


In my project the player gets created on gamestart like:

player = Instantiate(playerPrefab).transform;

It says I need to instantiate like this:

player = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(playerPrefab.name, new Vector3(0f, 0f, 0f), Quaternion.identity, 0).transform;


Well, is there any way to just init the recorder with out all that?


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    So, can anybody even say how a voice chat is supposed to work????

    Is it even possible to do a voice chat with photon at all? I'm not so sure anymore.

    How do I play an audio source now with photon in the scene??? No regular audio source does play anymore. Starting from the background music, which is now gone thanks to photon. :/

    I wish I had never found about this "Framework" This is really horrible :(

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