Issues connecting to Photon Cloud from WebGL

Hello everyone,

I have a working game that I have made in Unity using PUN 2 for all the network stuff. The plan is to have a fun small online game that is accessible in browser. We've done a lot of testing on multiple different networks and everything worked fine.

However, today a friend of mine tried launching the game from a school network and he couldn't even connect to the Photon Cloud. I understand that school networks use all different kinds of protections to avoid any malicious content. However, I would still really like my game to be accessible for everyone.

I tried changing to Web Socket Secure in the Photon Server Settings but to no avail.

One solution I've got in mind is to get a HTTPS for the website the game is hosted on, since now its only using HTTP. I am still very much a noob in all of the web certificate stuff, so my question is if that even would be a possible fix to this issue.

Other than that, if anyone has an idea on how to deal with this problem, I'd be more than grateful to hear it.

The error my friend gets in the website console goes like this: "WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed:" followed by "writeStringMemory is deprecated and should not be called! Use stringToUTF8() instead!" followed by "Exiting receive thread. Server: wss:// Error: Abnormal disconnection."




  • Hi, Did you you get anything for this?

  • Tobias
    Tobias admin

    Let's discuss your issue in the other thread to which you replied.

  • Hi, I am also facing this issue. Can someone tell me how to resolve this?