Need a help on some security issues

I wonder how PUN and server (LoadBalancing for example) handle the connection. To be more clear I wonder if someone outside is able to connect to my server by using PUN that can see rooms, players etc. Does Photon handle that kind of situations? If not, what are your suggestions? What are possible solutions to prevent this?

Thank you


  • Someone outside? How do you define outside and inside?
    Do you host yourself or use the Photon Cloud?

    Is your game a web-game? If so, with Photon Server (which is the same logic but you host yourself), you can setup the cross domain policy for webplayers.
    Standalone is never really safe, except when you build a login system. You can keep clients from accessing anything then without being logged in.
  • I am talking about hosting server myself. By "outside" I mean someone connection to my server by his own application. Is that possible? Because connection to a server and other operations like creating and joining a game (for LoadBalancing) is so simple. :)
  • Yes, it's possible, of course.
    You can extend the peer class server side to be blocked (by default) from calling operations aside from "auth". Then unblock users that you could verify from your customer database.
    Is a user login feasible for you?
  • Yes. Thank you for advice.