Multiplayer Terminology

I am in talks with the lead about the terminology of some of the Multiplayer concepts in Photon and the general multiplayer terms out there and would like to clarify if it is correct and Photon just uses different terms so that it would be easy to communicate.

The issues are the difference of terms from Photon vs the normal multiplayer ones

  • Region
  • Lobby
  • Server
  • Room

Some excerpts of messages from the lead to help.

"Server, a running game that atleast 1 player has joined. Example 4 players are dogfighting each other on island 1."

"Photon has a non standardized nomenclature."

"I am talking about standardized nomenclature that has existed since doom. Of cousre many platforms have there one terminology."

"Generally Speaking; Region is a set of servers that are close to you. Lobby is a list of possible servers you can join. Server is a hosted gameplay session, like deathmatch."