Fusion: prevent user from create room

I finding solution to prevent user create room to avoid hack. My situation as follow:

Our game using Fusion and has 2 builds.

- 1 build as headless server -> only allow this build create room

- 1 build will be shipped to player -> do not allow this build create room, just join room.

Do Fusion have solution to prevent player from create room (only player has secret key can create room or some other solution)

Thank you a lot.


  • Hi @CitaTo ,

    Yes, there is a simple solution, but we are already working on a more elaborate solution that will use secret keys.

    The simple, but not 100% secure solution is to enforce Fusion to not create sessions client-side:

    return runner.StartGame(new StartGameArgs {
     // other arguments
     DisableClientSessionCreation = true // clients should never create a Session

    As mentioned, we are also working on possible solutions to block Session creation on the Cloud-side, once we have this implemented, we will announce it on our Discord Server.


    Ramon Melo

    Photon Fusion Team