Multiplayer Explanation?

Hey, guys so I'm very new to photon and I'm trying to understand something. So I've recently got in contact with someone on Fiverr who said they could make my vrmmo using the photon network I took a look into photon and noticed something that I need some info on. Allows up to 2000 users which is a very great problem is the up to 16 peers peer room. When I think about rooms I think like crab games rooms which aren't what I want. Is there a way to increase that past 40? I will tell the guy off if the servers are peer to peer. In short, does photon host the servers, and is there a way to increase max per room and if so how can I calculate what I set my max to if I were to pay $370 per month. If it's possible to get even better servers than what is listed here let me know cause I'm very very new to this and there isn't a discord to help me out for once.


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    Crab game rooms are peer to peer and I would like to avoid that :D

    Also, what does Mau even mean? (Just Googled)

    MAU = Monthly active users.

  • Our Discord can be joined if you got a Photon Account. Just use the profile page to do so.

    Terms are explained in our glossary.

    PUN 2 supports up to 16 players interacting (in one room) due to the way it syncs updates about networked. More players can be in a room in other Photon products. We'd advise to use Fusion instead. We published a Release Candidate for it on it's doc pages. It aims to support 100 players.

    PUN 2 is client authoritative, entirely. The server is just an advanced relay. With Fusion you can build server instances and host them (we don't, currently) or have players run them. We are finishing automatic Host Migration for Fusion as a feature for release. The host/server is authoritative and you can make this much more secure than with PUN 2.

    If you just let us know what your game is about, we can suggest a good solution. Genre, player counts per match, NPCs and it would be of interest if the game is competitive or not.