WebPlayer builds fails : Extracting referenced dlls failed


I'm trying to build my WebPlayer but i have some error that prevent me from doing it.

I followed a tutorial made by CjrGaming, were we create a project with a Master and login server.
I added two dlls to the Unity project and also the Photon3Unity3D.dll .

When I launch the application inside Unity it's going fine but when i try to build even a standAlone project it fails.

Error :
TypeLoadException: A type load exception has occurred.
Error building Player: Extracting referenced dlls failed.

Any idea on what could go wrong ? I saw on the net that the webPlayer is not supporting dlls, but why does the PhotonDll working ?

many thanks,


  • dreamora
    they use dlls not present.
    either cause you choose .net 2.0 subset instaed of the full in the player settings or cause they are simply not available for unity and the dlls were meant for .net not mono / unity
  • HI,

    Many thanks !!! :) I recompiled my project using the mono_Unity and it compiled without error.