Odd WebGL Issue with PUN2

I have a game I created and running on Windows, Mac, etc., all work fine. I can connect from my 2 computers and see each other in my scene. However, once I change platform to WebGL and upload it to my server, the game runs as expected, but it would seem the 2 computers each running a web instance in the browser are not connecting to the same room.

Before I go trying to create debugging code on my own to figure out what's going on, I thought I'd ask the question first as maybe I have missed a key element of deploying to the web. Attached is a screen shot of the StatsGUI which shows I am connected, but only 1 connection. Each computer shows this.

Any ideas on what to look at first to resolve the issue?


  • Hey @JohnTube,

    Would you happen to know anything about my post above? It's been sitting unanswered for a few days, so just thought I'd bring it to your attention.

  • The stats gui only shows info about the instance of Unity it runs in. It does not know the other instance.

    Also, it does not show the info you need. You need to look into the logs. In best case, enable the SupportLogger to get more data into the logs.

    Check the region both clients connected to, make sure both use distinct userIDs and look out for errors.

    The Matchmaking Checklist should help.

  • Thanks for the response Tobias. I will go through the matchmaking list. It's interesting because building to PC/Mac, everything works as expected. It's just odd that the same build in WebGL is behaving differently. I will do some digging.