Cross-platform hardcore FPS game


Seems like my reply in my previous question got deleted, so I've made a new post

  1. Is there a way to speed up the "Starting Up.." phase? Currently, it takes up to 30 seconds making quick tests pretty much impossible
  2. Networked Character Controller - currently, it's a black box that works kinda weird on the terrain (like speeding up and slowing down), I've tried to change parameters in the Config section, but no luck. Also, in my small prototype application which was set in the same way as the main application (33 fps for the fixed update), my NCC was working totally fine and smooth, but in the main application, it feels jittery (like there is no interpolation applied). Should I use NCC or switch to rigidbody controller?
  3. I haven't found a pricing plan for Fusion for self-hosted dedicated servers. Our infrastructure is split into 2 parts - master server with all the logic related to profiles, items, craft, ... and match server management and unity dedicated servers spread across the world. Is it even possible with Fusion?
  4. In the release notes xbox series x and ps5 are mentioned as "coming during beta", is there an ETA for xsx?
  5. The match will be running up to 20 players and up to 200 NPC characters spread across 4sqm world, is Fusion is a good fit for such an application? In the replication/visibility range we can get up to 5-10 players and 20-30 NPCs.

Thanks in advance for the reply!


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